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Observation/Analysis of Cells

We are seeking a method for the observation/analysis of cells to provide on this page. We are also accepting offers from researchers who have developed any new analytical method for cells. Please contact iPS PORTAL, Inc., if you are interested.

Electrophysiological Measurement of Cardiomyocyte

For purposes such as the safety assessment of drug candidate compounds, the cell cluster of cardiomyocyte (derived from iPS cells) is placed on the probe of the extracellular potential-measuring instrument and the change in extracellular potential is measured.

Extracellular potential measurement of cardiomyocyte with MED64

When the extracellular potential of cardiomyocyte inoculated into the probe (container) is measured, a waveform similar to that of an electrocardiogram can be obtained.
The effect of the drug on beating, QT prolongation, and occurrence of arrhythmia can be analyzed by observation of the action potential change.

Instruments/Reagents to be Used

Point of Operation

Place cells on the measuring probe and measure the extracellular potential with the instrument. The gas-permeable cap is attached to prevent contamination because measurement with MED64 is conducted in an open system.
In addition, you should devise the conditions so that measurements can be conducted in the same environment as the culture, such as warming the probe installation part to 37°C with a heater and filling 5% CO2 gas into a box, because measurement results are significantly affected by factors such as temperature and pH.

Image Analysis of Cells

Various image analysis systems that analyze cellular condition have been proposed. Here, we introduce the observation/analysis method with CQ1 (YOKOGAWA) and Cell3iMager (SCREEN HD). We will update the content as needed.

(1) Image analysis of cells with CQ1

(2) Cell observation with Cell3iMager

Instruments/Reagents to be Used